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June 5, 2012

Game Day

My little boy is currently in surgery.  I have my typical game-day numbness mixed with the occasional nervousness that extends from my stomach to my teeth.  Preparing for this day was a real trek.  About two to three weeks ago, fear really started to grip me.  Knowing that fear is not of God, I dove into my Bible and into prayer.  It was like preparing for a spiritual marathon or sporting event.  I felt like I was in training.  I really focused on verses that emphasized believing and trusting in God.  Like in Mark 5:36, "...Don't be afraid; just believe."  Like I was reminded before by another seasoned heart mom, my focus should be on God, not the storms.  My job is to rest in Him and believe in His plan and purposes, regardless of the outcome. 

Between that and the many, many prayers being said on my family's behalf, I'm doing pretty good.  I told one of David's buddies in the Kaleidoscope Ministry at Watermark that we can feel our load lightened during times like this from all of the prayers offered on our behalf.  Thank you, and please keep them coming! 

I hope to update more frequently during David's recovery, but right now I'm averaging a post per month, so we'll see.  :-)